Work and Fun Collide: Babes Ride Out

October 23, 2015 – It’s not often my news coverage intersects with my personal life (thank goodness), but in this case, it’s pretty darned great. There’s this cool thing called, BABES RIDE OUT, an all-girl motorcycle campout in Joshua Tree California.

I missed the event the first two years because it conflicted with the Winslow car show (we’re rehabbing a 100-year-old building on Winslow’s Route 66).

This year, the event date changed. Woo hoo! I can finally go!

What began three years ago as 50 girls on motos, grew to 1200 registrants this year. 1200!! The largest gathering of women motorcyclists in HISTORY. How amazing is that?

When discussing the reason I needed the day off with our scheduler, she said,


I ran the idea past the event organizers, they were game, so I pitched the story to news management, and what do you know? They loved the idea.

But how to shoot the event with this gigantic beast of a camera and still get to ride my motorcycle?

Go Pros, baby!

But… Go Pros aren’t stellar for interviews. So, a compromise. Last weekend, I rode my motorcycle to our Yucca Valley house, about twenty miles from the campout. Thursday, I loaded the truck with my broadcast gear and shot the interviews with Ashmore and Anya, the founders of B.R.O. (funny, right? The acronym?).

SO many great soundbites from these two. The challenge will be cutting the piece down to a reasonable time for broadcast (two minutes).

Friday morning, I tucked away the broadcast gear, and packed up my bike and off I went!

This is a completely different way of shooting for me, using GoPros and my Canon DSLR, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a good challenge. Judging by the interviews, I’m impressed by the quality of my 7D, which I used for a side shot. It actually looked significantly better than my broadcast camera. Richer. Deeper.

The Babes are rolling in at a steady pace now. Time to say farewell. Keep your eye out for the full event report on the Motor Dolls blog, where I’ll post a link to the news story as well.

Have a stellar weekend everyone! I know I will!

Until next time…


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