I’m Week 3: Red

JANUARY 22, 2016 – Unlike my issues last week with landscape, I had no problem here. The challenge this week came in choosing my favorite.


 Week 3: Artistic/Red

Shoot whatever inspires you. Red should be the focus of the image. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

The streaking tail light shot came from my experimentation with landscape shots at the end of last week. The exposure is about 30 seconds, and when I saw the tail light streaking through, I knew this was not my landscape pic, but my RED pic.

I wasn’t going to bother shooting more since I knew I had my shot, but hey. The point of this challenge is to shoot, so I shot a couple others.


What says RED more than STOP? Bondorella has the BEST tail lights. I used a small flashlight to light the steel of the tailgate so the Stop wasn’t floating in space.

Red Taillight

Dang! Which to choose??

With the help of my fellow challenge participant Jeni, in the end, the streaking tail light is the winner. As she put it:

“I think the second one is a textbook lesson on how that small element makes a huge impression in a shot.”

Excellent point. Plus, this type of long exposure photo is rare for me, unlike the Bondorella tail light photo. I’ve done a similar shot before, although I think I used my iPhone.

Speaking of the iPhone, this challenge did what I hoped it would do this past Sunday morning.

Brian headed out of town for work, so I went all decadent for my Sunday breakfast and made Lemon Marscarpone Ebelskivers.

My first response when I saw the beauty in my breakfast was to grab the iPhone and make a snap. Old habits, you know?


It’s not a bad shot, but doesn’t have much depth nor richness.

Then I smacked myself in the head. My DSLR was within arm’s reach. Duh.


Ahhh… much better. I love the color pop of the raspberries, although they’re more deep pink than RED, so in the end, not a photo contender for the RED challenge.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. The ebelskivers were delicious.

Until next week’s Portrait challenge, “Selfie” of someone else… in other words, a head shot.

Later Gator!


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