The Week 5: B & W Landscape

FEBRUARY 5, 2016 – Good news!! The three escaped inmates that made my life chaotic last week, were taken into custody Saturday, making this week (other than the madness of the Monday press conferences and arraignments) much calmer, a far better environment to tackle this week’s B & W Landscape.


 Week 5: Landscape/Black and White

Look for a scene with great contrast

that will make a great black and white.

It’s interesting how personal photographic style evolves over the years. Back in the film days, I exclusively shot black and white for two reasons: One, that’s what cool people did (at least I thought), and Two, with black and white I could do my own printing, even though the nasty chemicals gave me nasty headaches.

Now, shooting raw digital, the same shot can be whatever you want, although most of the time, color pops more to my eye than black and white.

In many ways, black and white requires more thought to make a picture work. Black and white requires drama in the light. More contrast. Bolder subjects. Definition.

Did I nail this one in my opinion? Not completely. I didn’t fall in love with any one image. I liked most of the them, but nothing screamed out as THE ONE. In the end, I had Brian choose. He picked the stormy skies in the high desert because he liked how one of the smallest elements in the photo, the cholla in the center, steals the show even with the dramatic sky.


The Rejects

1st Runner Up: SANTORA BUILDING: I was leaning toward this image, because I like the sharp contrast.


2. CHOLLA: Backlit cholla always make for great subjects.


3. THE ROAD: For the drive back to Orange County, I kept my camera on my lap, knowing there would be epic storm clouds. I like the way the road glows but something falls flat here.

Road and Wind Mills

4. RAINDROPS: I can never resist macro raindrops. But is this a landscape? Hmmm..

Edgy Raindrops

5. SANTA ANA ARTS DISTRICT: Same pedestrian street as the Santora building in Santa Ana. Nice Z axis, but the light pole in the center doesn’t quite work for me.

Santa Ana

Until next week’s Macro Candy challenge!

Later Gators!


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