Week 49: Portrait Dance

December 7, 2016 – Wow. Reckon we’re on the big countdown now. Only THREE photos to go! When I scanned the list a few weeks ago, and saw Portrait Dance coming up, I broke out in a sweat–and not from shaking my booty. I’m never around dancers! What the heck was I going to do??

The image presented unexpectedly during a news assignment. I was sent to cover UCI students trying to break their own Guinness Record for the largest Dodgeball Game (they set the record in 2012). I lugged my video gear a couple blocks to the field, not expecting dancers, but then these guys took the stage. Noooo!!! My DSLR was blocks away in the van! Being resourceful, I grabbed the GoPro from my gear bag, and snagged this image.

Week 49: Portrait Dance


Whether it’s a professional dancer, or just some kids in the street. Try experimenting with slow and fast shutter speed to both blur and freeze the subject.

Sadly, I couldn’t do any experimenting with slow and fast shutter speed since I was working with a GoPro, but I love this dude’s expression.

And yeah, if you noticed the sky, we totally got dumped on shortly after I made this image. And yeah, I totally got pummeled with Dodgeballs shooting the story.

Until next week’s Landscape Symmetrical…

Later Gators!

UPDATE: Thanks to my friend Mary Urashima, the group has been identified as the Japanese drumming group, Jodaiko. Mary is the author Historic Wintersburg in Huntington Beach, a fascinating book about the history of Japanese Americans in Orange County. Mary also tirelessly works to maintain the historic Wintersburg location in Huntington Beach. Check out her website to learn more.


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