Week 46: Portrait Backlit

November 25, 2016 – I like shooting backlit. In my work as a television photojournalist, I often put my subject’s back to the sun. Not only does it provide an even palate to light the face, it makes for a nice halo effect around the hair. Weirdly, I didn’t make a backlit photo during the work week since I didn’t take my personal camera along. The one I made of hubby last weekend, he thought he looked weird–so, before I fall too far behind, the last resort, using myself for this week’s Portrait Backlit.

Week 46: Portrait Backlit

The sun makes a great back light, as well as a flash.

If you saw my catch-up post for Landscape High, you might recognize the location. The El Modena Open Space across from our house. It’s a hike I often do and always enjoy. Here, my big head is blocking the sun, and while it’s not a traditional head-and-shoulders portrait, I felt the full body framing gave a better sense of the moment. Onto other news…

A New Tradition

So it’s Thanksgiving, probably our favorite holiday along with the 4th of July. We generally cook for just the two of us, keeping it simple and basic–although this year we had a new challenge. Since the beginning of August I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet–very low carb, high fat, moderate protein, with no grains, gluten, or sugar. The goal? To combat my chronic migraines. And guess what? It’s totally working. My daily headaches all but vanished, and I’ve seen a BIG decrease in the intensity and frequency of the migraines.  Bloodwork confirmed I have “significant insulin resistance” so that explains why my body rebels against anything that spikes my insulin.

 This new lifestyle started with a book: The Migraine Miracle, by Dr. Josh Turknett, written by a neurologist and fellow migraine sufferer. If you’ve had issues as well, I highly recommend checking it out.


Although Brian (hubby) doesn’t have migraines, he’s benefited as well with the low carb aspect, losing about 30 pounds and feeling way better. We thought about going hog-wild on Thanksgiving–with our traditional bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy–but decided against it. I’m feeling MUCH too good to screw it up. While we did eat higher carb on turkey day, I’d say we did pretty well.

The Menu

We of course made a turkey, natural fresh from Sprouts with no additives. A homemade gluten-free cornbread stuffing (yes a grain, but not as evil as gluten-filled grains). Gravy made with potato starch instead of flour and heavy cream (for the fat of course). Lots of green beans with grass-fed butter. And sweet potatoes with apple and cranberry, which I ended up not eating because I didn’t love them. Why whack out the body with carbs on something you don’t love?

For dessert. What’s Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, right?? I experimented with a pumpkin cheesecake (cream cheese and sour cream for the fat) and added less than a tablespoon of maple syrup. For the crust, ground pecans, butter, and cinnamon. Topped with unsweetened whipped cream with vanilla. And you know what? It was GREAT. Funny how when you haven’t eaten sugar for nearly four months, you lose the taste for it. That little dash of maple was enough.

Well… the turkey carcass is boiling away on the stove for my favorite part of leftovers: The Soup.

While that’s cooking away, I’m going to pop back over to my hill. The wilds are calling me.

One more challenge week to catch up–Landscape Abandoned–(which I made on time but haven’t posted), and then next week’s Artistic Bokeh...

Until then…

Later Gators!

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