Week 39: Artistic Handmade

September 28, 2016 – The Motor Palace and I instantly connected five years ago. The more Brian and I bring this building back to life, the more our bond grows. Strange I find such peace in a place that spent most of its life as a pool hall, but I do. Too bad we don’t have more time together. During the year, Brian and I make several trips, but October is the big one, when we push aside the construction debris, and set things up all pretty-like for the annual Winslow car show.


I could have chosen any number of handmade things for this post, but decided on the biggest one of all, the structure itself, built by hand sometime before the turn of the twentieth century. Might be an odd choice for this week’s Artistic Handmade, but these walls sold us on the building five years ago and we love them even more today.

Week 39: Artist HandmadeYour artistic interpretation should be inspired by another artisan’s handmade work.

I realize some might not see beauty in the multi-layered chaos and texture of these walls. In fact, the people we bought the building from didn’t, at least judging by the studded and insulated interior and the stacks of drywall ready to go up. When we first looked at the building, the guy pulled back the insulation to reveal the walls, and that was that. We knew we’d found our building.


Over the last few years, we’ve brought back plumbing and electric and have an adorable little “hotel room” in the back. To read more about what we’ve done, check out Brian’s Route 66 Motor Palace website.


Friday night is the annual “Cacklefest,” a burn out contest near our building on First Street, and Saturday, the streets of old town Winslow will close to through traffic and instead be lined with fabulous classics. Our contribution will be this barn find 1955 Harley-Davidson Hummer (the only bike we have out here yet!).


Well… time to put the computer away and go be social. Until next week’s PORTRAIT CHAIR…

Later gators!



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