I’m Week 34: Portrait Child

August 24, 2016 – Oh boy. I seriously worried about this one. I have no children in my life. Zero. And photographing random kids on the street just seems… weird. Lucky for me, I was at the Santa Ana Public Library covering a news story, and it so happened they were hosting an event celebrating the readers in the community, complete with pizza party and a magician, and lots of cameras. I could have gone with sweet and laughing and charming, but man! This girl’s stink eye is too funny, so she became my Portrait Child.

Week 34

Candid or posed, capture an image of a child.

Try getting down on their level for a unique perspective!

My second choice was this little boy and his pizza. Clearly, he loves his pizza. But then again… who doesn’t? Okay, so I didn’t like pizza as a teenager, likely because we didn’t have GOOD pizza. Now I’m all about the cauliflower crust pizza, but that’s a story for another time.

Pizza Eater

There was also this pre-teen walking along with her giant flamingo. Don’t think she appreciated me snapping this shot with my iPhone. But hey! What do you expect when you walk down Pacific Coast Highway like this??


In other news, did you hear??? At LONG LAST, Canon has released the 5D Mark iv!! I’ve been waiting for this camera since February. They’re taking pre-orders now, and yeah. I’m going to do it.

That’s all I have for this week.

Until next week’s LANDSCAPE CLOSE-UP…

Later gators!


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