I’m Week 32: Landscape Colorful

August 10, 2016 – I thought I had my photo for this week’s Landscape Colorful, but then two nights ago, I rounded the corner for home, and the sight on the hill before me made my jaw drop. The setting sun had turned the vegetation fiery, and the full moon had started to rise. Weirdly, I almost didn’t stop because it had been a long hot day covering a barricaded suspect, and then I thought, Are you kidding me?? Get that photo!!! So I did.

Week 32: Landscape Colorful

Shoot a landscape that packs as much color as you can find into the scene!

By the time I’d fired off three shots, the vibrancy had gone.

So what was the shot I thought I’d use? If you’re ever on Interstate 40 in California, passing by Goffs Rd out in the middle of nowhere, pull off and go to the gas station. Seriously. It’s worth the stop. Koi ponds, flamingos, golden statues, all in the middle of a vast expanse of dry brown desert.

Colorful Landscape2

For the next challenge prompt, we need to collaborate with another artist. Mommy and I are going to team up even though we’re in different states. Stay tuned.

Until later this week…

Later gators!


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