Week 30: Artistic Patterns

July 27, 2016 – Dang! Am I happy the weekend is here. The last couple of work days were… trying. Why? Well, Thursday began with stepping in a giant wet pile of dog poo, getting locked out of my camera locker and asking Santa Ana PD’s CSI unit on site to use their bolt cutters, and the day went on in that vein and continued into Friday. Combined with the off-the-charts humidity, I’m exhausted. Throughout the week, I worked on the Artistic Patterns shot, but wasn’t satisfied with any of the images. Finally, Saturday morning, brain relaxed, I made a few I liked, this guitar pic being mine and Brian’s favorite.

WEEK 30: Artistic Patterns

Get inspired by the rhythm that patterns bring to your images!

That’s one way to get me to clean my guitar. You should have seen the first image. So much dust! HA!

The Rejects:

Fan Rug

My second choice, the double pattern of the rug and the fan



My least favorite, although I do love those Eichler houses!



Thought Breeze Block would be good but something in the perspective isn’t working for me here.


I won’t bore you with the bazillion other shots I made. Instead, I’ll give you a collage of a handful of others.


And now… I’m ready to get rollin’ on my weekend, so until next week’s STREET CANDID (and the still needed PORTRAIT FAMILY),

Later gators!

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