Week 27: Artistic Blue

July 6, 2016 – I got a new treasure–a 1951 Singer sewing machine–so OF COURSE I had to find a way to incorporate it into this week’s Dogwood challenge, an Artistic photo highlighting BLUE.


WEEK 27: Artistic/Blue


You were inspired by the fiery red earlier, now be inspired by calming blue!

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to learn to sew. Like, really sew. I know how to use a machine. Can do basic hems. Even made simple curtains and an apron for Two Crows, but the couple of times I tried to make a garment, the results haven’t been so great. Remember the pants with two right legs, Mom? Or the skirt I recently made and unmade and made again and unmade way too many times before finally becoming wearable–sort of. An improvised sash worked to hide my zipper mistake. Can you say gap? Yep.

Once I decided to find an online course and learn to sew for real, I packed up the borrowed machine, and went on the hunt for the right machine for me. I knew I didn’t want plastic. And I wanted something simple. Plus… I like old stuff. After reading a bunch about the best old machines, Singer kept coming up, the model 201 and the model 66 to be exact. We found a very nice couple in Redlands who collect old machines, and they had both for sale. It was a tough choice between the two, but Brian said he liked belt drive-vs-direct drive, so we went with the 66.

Here she is. Isn’t she beautiful???


So what do I want to sew? I have a thing for 30s/40s vintage house-dresses, which aren’t particularly easy to find. I have several I love, but don’t want to wear them out. I’m not exactly gentle. My plan? To recreate some of my favorites.




Wish me luck!!

Until next week’s PORTRAIT/FAMILY…

Later gators!

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