Week 24: Artistic Sparkles

June 15, 2016 – I’ll admit it. I like sparkles. My ’48 Ford, although stripped of paint, wears a clear coat with green and gold ice pearl mixed in. Subtle, yes, but oh! How she twinkles in the sun. The tartan stripe on my Bonneville, the Bonnie Lass, also sports some sparkle mixed in the blue. This week’s challenge prompt said, “Shoot what inspires you this week, just make sure it sparkles.” Lucky for me, I’m inspired by both the subject and the sparkles.


WEEK 24: Artistic/Sparkles

Shoot what inspires you this week, just make sure it sparkles!

Old Sparkles never die, they just become Dining Room Art.

We’re still in the throes of June Gloom in Southern California, and without sun, there are no sparkles, so rather than taking Bondorella or the Triumph out and trying to find an elusive ray, I instead decided to play with indoor lighting using this helmet as my subject. Since the late 90s, we’ve had a restored Bultaco flat-tracker in our dining room, with this helmet looped over the handle bars. It’s old and scuffed and not as lustrous as it once might have been, but the sparkles still shine through.

Unlike some of the other weeks, this is the only photo I made for the challenge. I looked for other sparkly things while out and about during the week, but nothing caught my eye.

Until the SILHOUETTE Portrait for next week (when I’m on vacation!! Woo hoo!!)…

Later gators!


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