Week 23: Landscape Weather

June 10, 2016 – I have a method to this challenge thing. Each week, I look ahead several prompts so I have a few floating in my head, that way if an opportunity presents itself, I can take advantage of the moment, like I did for the Fantasy photo a couple weeks ago. And this week’s Landscape Weather. My one RULE is to use only photos specifically created for the challenge.

Here’s my workflow: On my desktop, I have folders for the next few weeks which I add to as photos are made, and when the week rolls around, I sit down to edit. Knowing a WEATHER prompt fell right smack in the middle of Southern California’s May-Gray/June-Gloom period, I made sure to grab plenty of weather shots during the stormy skies of late winter/early spring. Funny enough, this wasn’t the photo I thought I’d pick.


WEEK 23: Landscape/Weather

This week should be as unpredictable as the weather!
Feature the weather in this week’s landscape

Thar be squalls ahead!! ARGH!!!!

That was my pirate voice, in case you didn’t recognize it.

The Landscape Weather Rejects

I was about 99% sure I would use the shot below. Dynamic sky. The crazy high-desert windmills. But when I started to edit this week, something in this image fell flat for me. The z-axis isn’t quite strong enough or something.

Windmills Rocks Clouds2

I did other windmill shots, mostly from the passenger seat of the pickup on our way back to Orange County, so the framing was never really spot on.

Windmills Rocks

Wind Mills Storm Clouds (1)


I also did several cloud photos, but I don’t know… they kind of bored me.


weather photo Mountain Clouds

clouds weather photo


weather photo Cloud 2

weather photo Clouds 3

With all of the above images up on my edit screen, my eye kept being pulled to the dark moody sky and golden filtered sunlight in the chair photo. SO… decision made.

Until next week’s SPARKLE prompt (of which my folder is currently EMPTY…)



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