Week 19: Messy Portrait

May 13, 2016  – I came mighty close to calling this week a fail and using a shot I took last fall of my rock-star-chile-peeling-hubby (a fail because I vowed to shoot all challenge photos specifically for the challenge prompts, not pull from the past). I even wrote the post for the Messy Portrait calling it a fail and using the picture below. But then… an idea struck while Brian was making tortilla’s tonight. A recreation of the chile photo.

Friday was my deadline to post, and it’s now Saturday, but I made my “Messy Portrait.” Work kept me busy all week–among other things (more on that in a sec)–and while I had a grand idea of photographing my pal Grease Girl, schedules didn’t gel.

Instead of a placeholder photo as planned, here is this week’s  MESSY PORTRAIT “Messy Masa”…


WEEK 19: Messy Portrait

Take an amazing portrait of someone, make a mess while you are doing it.

If you want to make tortillas like Brian, check out this tutorial from him. 

So what’s been keeping me too busy to make photos after work?

Uhhh…. well… Another challenge. Embarrassing, isn’t it? There’s a good reason behind it, though.

I’ve been on yet another BAD migraine streak since December, I’m talking more headache days a month than non-headache days. Over the last couple of decades, I’ve tried nearly every treatment known to man, but I still get nasty migraines. When I start neglecting my overall health, they get worse.

Keep in mind, my “neglecting” isn’t as bad as most (I don’t eat fast food, don’t drink any alcohol, no drugs or cigarettes, eat generally healthy) but my head is so fragile, the slightest hitch sets me back–primarily in the food category. I’m highly sensitive to food additives, so try to make every bite of food that goes into my mouth from scratch. The last few months, I’ve slipped a bit. We’ve been leaning on restaurant food a couple times a week. And vacations. Forget about it. Can’t cook my food away. AND… because of the massive number of headaches, my daily exercise fell away.

SO. Time to remedy that.

I’m doing a couple of things.

  •  The PIIT28 fitness challenge. 28 minutes a day. A set workout incorporating HIIT (high intensity cardio) mixed with pilates. I’m on Day 9.

BOTH of these things are time consuming, but hey. I haven’t had a headache in six days–which is pretty darned good for me. Plus my energy level is through the roof.

And now, I can end the week happy knowing I didn’t fail in the photo challenge realm.

Until next week’s NIGHTOWL LANDSCAPE…



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