The Week 18: Artistic Texture

May 6, 2016 – A couple of weekends ago, we left our weekend getaway in Yucca Valley for a day trip to Niland California’s Salvation Mountain. We’d been hearing about it for years, and finally made the trip. Leonard Knight’s art didn’t disappoint. Knowing we had a “Texture” challenge coming up, I shot the heck out of textures, which only made choosing harder. 
Brian picked his two favorites, and Mom picked hers. In honor of Mother’s Day, I went with Mom’s choice.


WEEK 18: Artistic/Texture

The artistic inspiration this week is texture.
You should almost be able to feel the image.

I think this one best fits the “feel the image” but Brian said he’d rather see the context.


This also had great texture, but I don’t like the focal point. Should have been forward with the green and yellow instead of the brown.


“What does a gay horse eat?”

HAY!! (said with a jaunty hip thrust.) Okay, I know, I know. Totally lame. My hay picture.

Hay (1)

Footprints. Like the concept, don’t like my execution.


Brian’s two favorites, and certainly in my top three. I posted a full picture of this truck at the time:


TireUntil next week’s MESSY PORTRAIT…

Later Gators!

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