Week 17: Urban Landscape

April 27, 2016 – Sure, Globe Arizona (population 7531) doesn’t scream URBAN Landscape, but I’m off on a birthday adventure avoiding urban, so this is the best I found. The back of the old train depot caught my eye as we drove past, so Brian kindly flipped a U-ey. He’s patient like that.

Frankly, the older I get, the more small towns appeal to me. I’ve lost my patience with big urban areas (shhhh… don’t tell my 20-year-old self. She might rip your tongue out).


WEEK 17: Landscape/Urbanscape

Most Landscapes are wide open spaces of natural beauty…
This week find the beauty of the urbanscape/cityscape.

Speaking of my twenty-year-old self, she would be horrified to hear I’m one year away from a half-a-century. Tuesday was my birthday.

Happy birthday to me!

Thus, the birthday adventure road trip.

It figures the Urban Landscape assignment hits when I’ve escaped the madness of Southern California and am nowhere near classic urban. I live in one of the most population dense regions in the country, yet here I am wandering the California and Arizona deserts exploring the diverse landscape, like the exceptionally gorgeous Salt River Gorge.

Love the metal work on this bridge.

How ’bout that Winslow wind, huh?!

And check out the color of the Colorado River Aqueduct water in this unedited photo. Crazy, right?

So the birthday.

The number keeps on climbing, but I refuse to let age impact my frame of mind. Mentally, I’m twenty-three-ish (sometimes fourteen-ish). Even though I’m technically one year away from old (ask any twenty-something and that’s what they’ll tell you), I will always be me regardless of age. And I doubt I will act any more mature in the coming years.

For the twenty-somethings out there sweating just thinking of being in my shoes… hey. It ain’t so bad on this side. If someone would hop in a time machine and go whisper in my twenty-year-old self’s ear to chill about the aging thing, that would be swell. Let her know it will all be fine. Oh. And to lotion, lotion, lotion, just like Nannie always said. Should have listened to her. Then I wouldn’t have old man hands.

Until next week’s TEXTURE…


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