Week 16: Portrait Moving

April 22, 2016 – For this week’s challenge, let’s take a trip in the way-back machine, shall we? (Cue the Wayne’s World sound effects).

Parties used to bring me anxiety. I don’t know why. I’m hardly shy. Back in the 90s, before becoming a television photojournalist–and before everyone had a cell phone/video camera/still camera in their pocket–I had a trick to help me relax (some called it a social crutch, but… whatever). I carried a small video camera everywhere I went. In social situations like a party, the camera gave me something to do. I’d shoot the action, chat with people, get all artsy and creative. Then, once things got going, I’d drop the shutter speed to like 15, hand people the camera, ask them to point it at themselves, and spin, then I’d edit the smeary background spins together.

Sadly, time eroded the tapes, even though Hi-8 was touted as the greatest format ever created. All of my epic spin videos are gone. Man, those things were entertaining, especially when alcohol was involved and people took a tumble. I remember one time four of us spun together and we ended up in a rolicking dog-pile on the floor. Whoever had the camera (I think it was Jason) managed to keep it pointed right at our weeping-laughing-hysterical faces. It was awesome.

ANYWAY… that’s the story behind the inspiration for my MOVEMENT (self)-portrait. The Infamous Spin. And no. This time, I didn’t fall down.


WEEK 16: Portrait/Movement

Most portraits are stationary, so this week explore adding some movement.
Dancing, twirling, or even hair flips.

And now, back to my stellar momentum on the long-overdue Motor Dolls 2.

Until next week’s Landscape: Urbanscape…

Later Gators!


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