Week 12: Artistic Transportation

March 26, 2016 – It’s no secret, I like things that go VROOM! This week’s assignment presented SO many options! But hey, how often are you behind a car driving into a ball of sun across the Mojave desert?


WEEK 12: Artistic/Transportation

Our world is one defined by how we get around. Literal or interpretative,
find inspiration in transportation.

What you can’t see in this picture is the entire village of bugs plastered to our windshield. I almost didn’t take this shot, worried the bugs would ruin the image, but they disappear… almost. The smudge around the car is likely bug juice. Ew. Still, the shot worked for me.

I really really really liked this shot as well, of Brian driving my ’48, something he rarely is permitted to do. Maybe I’ll save it for the NIGHT OWL assignment…

Artistic Transportation '48 Ford

… but I can get this shot anytime. I won’t always get a car driving into a fireball.

Speaking of the sun. The sky grew more amazing with every mile. I had Brian pull over when it reached this pinnacle. Most amazing sunset I’ve ever witnessed.




Until next week’s “High Key Portrait”…

Later Gators!


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