Week 11: Landscape Reflection

March 22, 2016 – Sometimes the photo idea for the challenge prompt comes out of nowhere; sometimes, the idea is crystal clear. For the landscape reflection, I knew what I wanted, but time kept getting in the way. Too dark after work, not enough time before, away on the weekend. Instead of using something different, I waited. Who cares if I get behind schedule, right? It’s a personal challenge.


WEEK 11: Landscape/Reflection


Find a way to show your landscape/natural beauty in reflection.

The mirror world revealed.

When you ride a rolling reflector, the world around you mimics itself in the tank–which can make it hard to get a “clean” shot of the bike. I’d planned to get this shot out in the desert during a four-day motorcycle weekend, but we took the truck instead to deliver a table to our building in Winslow. Dang it! Plan thwarted.

So… a bit of a compromise, quickly rolling the bike out before work and using the complex landscaping. Don’t want to fall too far behind!

Sporty Reflect Light

The Rejects

My other choice was this very literal mirror shot, something a TON of people did, and I’m trying to avoid the obvious.


While in Winslow, I tried a few reflections. Like this one out near Grand Falls.

Tighter Creek

And this Road Mirage Reflection.

Road Reflection-2

In Death Valley a couple of weeks ago, I snagged this crazy reflection at Badwater. Have to really look to see it.


And finally, just for kicks. I had some downtime, perfect chance to do some polishing up on the Motor Dolls sequel, but… yeah. I call this one, “Distracted Writer.” HA!img_9037.jpg

Until later this week, with an ARTISTIC TRANSPORTATION shot (one I already have!)…

Later Gators!


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