Vagabond Life: San Diego and Long Beach

This might be a record for us: Six places in Seven Days. Maybe that explains my lack of (and poor quality) photos since we never settled for long. The week certainly lived up to our Vagabond Life moniker!

Here’s the rundown of where we stayed:


Usually, we head to Yucca Valley on Friday nights after work, but since I had to work Saturday for NBC’s Clear the Shelters event, we booked a room at the Indigo.

Anaheim Indigo

Saturday wasn’t a bad work day, even if I did have to be up at 4 am. Playing with kitties and puppies is always fun. Plus, we helped a bunch of critters find homes.

Yucca Valley

Since we needed to do laundry and get ready for the week ahead, we drove to Two Crows late Saturday afternoon.

We did our chores, and then turned around and came back to OC Sunday–again at the Indigo.

San Diego

Monday and Tuesday we spent in San Diego at the historic Horton Grand Hotel in the Gaslamp District. There were so many beautiful details in this old hotel–some rooms even had the old-style toilets with suspended tanks–but sadly, I failed to walk around with my camera. We were much too busy…

Horton Grand
Horton Grand

So what kept us busy in San Diego? The annual Harley-Davidson dealer meeting, where we always have a good time catching up with our friends from the Motor Company. Plus, we got to see the FXDR 114, Harley’s new drag-inspired performance machine. The aggressive styling works beautifully, and the VP of design says it handles phenomenally in the corners. Cycle World loved this thing. Check out their review.

FXDR 114

Wednesday, Brian stayed in San Diego, but I came back and stayed in…

Long Beach

…at a very cute Airbnb in Belmont Heights (the listing has way better photos than I took). The guest quarters were situated at the back of a large Arts and Crafts style house and had the nicest hosts. They stocked the fridge with lovely organic foods–like fresh eggs and goat cheese–along with a refreshing bowl of chopped fruit, perfect considering I got there so late and had no time to pop to the store.

Long Beach Airbnb

We don’t generally branch out of north Orange County because Brian commutes to Montclair and I need to be OC close, but since I was flying solo, I figured it would be fun to explore this southern part of Long Beach. Turns out, I didn’t get any exploration time since I didn’t get there until after ten p.m. Wednesday, and had a long workday on Thursday.

But Brian did! He must have missed me because instead of taking off on a ride, he joined me in Long Beach. He found a great market near the lagoon area, walking distance from the Airbnb. The Ma N’Pa Grocery. He said it was the coolest market he’d ever been in, and picked up dinners that tasted fresh and homemade, beautiful slices of filet with sauteed veggies and a broccoli salad. I’m glad at least one of us got to enjoy the neighborhood!

The Motor Palace Blog

After the great website crash of 2017–when a year and a half of Brian’s content got lost, and all of the photos on my sites were lost–Brian pretty much stopped blogging. Lucky for us, he’s back at it! And oh… his opening paragraph on this new post is SO GOOD. Check out his Free Range Update on the 66 Motor Palace website.

Until next week…

When we’ll be trying out a new Airbnb near Old town Orange…

Later Gators!

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