Vagabond Life: Orange Airbnb

How can you not like a place that has a painting of a squirrel protecting his nuts in tighty-whities? Come on!! It’s fantastic. If you google “Squirrel in Tighty-Whities” you’ll find the inspiration for this painting. That’s seriously a thing?? WHY??

Anyway… we found all of the animal-themed artwork in this Orange Airbnb amusing. It made an otherwise ordinary space really fun.

That cat in the above right painting totally reminds us of the Professor, our neighbor cat from the old hood.

The Outside

From the Airbnb listing, I guessed it to be one of the many 60s era duplexes surrounding old town Orange, but it was actually a small free-standing house in a configuration we hadn’t seen before: A cluster of eight 50s era houses on a narrow circular drive, each with its own garage and small backyards. A picture would have explained it far better, but I failed to get one. Interesting how they took a small plot of land, and fit so many little houses on it. Pretty clever use of space.

The house is walking distance to our shop in Orange where we keep our motorcycles and to Orange’s old town district, the thing that drew us to Orange years ago when we bought our condo. Old Town Orange has transformed over the years from being mostly antique stores to now having a variety of restaurants and shops, a definite destination location, and a town we still enjoy–even more so now that we often stay within walking distance.

The Inside

Not everything can be a hand-crafted Tree-House, so what we look for is ease of use, comfort, and cleanliness. This place had all of that. Plus, of course, the interesting artwork, including the vintage-themed travel posters over the couch.

The house was well-stocked and spotlessly clean–unlike our recent experience at another Orange Airbnb. The bedding was good quality, the couch super comfortable, and while we’re not big Keurig fans, at least this one had reusable pods so we could use our own coffee. We also made good use of the BBQ grill in the small backyard.

A pleasant week in a pleasant space. Yep. We’d stay here again if only to visit the squirrel!

So What’s Next?

Nothing new for September. Next week we’re back at the Executive Inn in Anaheim, although in a kitchen suite this time. Then we return to the Tree House in Brea (!!!). Week three we’ll be in our favorite Park Santiago neighborhood. And we’ll close out the month in Winslow at the Motor Palace, where we’ll celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary of Living Vagabond!

Who knows what October will bring.

Until next time…

Later Gators!

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