Vagabond Life: Old Town Fullerton Airbnb

One of the things we most love about Airbnb is the opportunity to stay in some truly unique spaces. When traveling, we’re always on the hunt for lodging treasures and have found many:  the 100 year old log cabin in Tennessee, the exquisite beauty of the Red River Gorge Horse Farm in Kentucky, the Love Nest in Morongo with all of the wonderful animals, the Poet’s Studio in Tucson, the Moon Glow Cabin made entirely with lumber from the land…

And of course the Tree House, which prompted me to start chronicling our adventures in Living Vagabond a couple of months ago.

This week’s stay isn’t one of those super unique experiences…

Old Town Fullerton Airbnb

So why do we keep coming back to this Old Town Fullerton Airbnb? It comes down to comfort.

Old Town Fullerton Airbnb

The two-room cottage is immaculately clean, incredibly functional, and well-stocked. Everything works and is quality, like the hardwood flooring, the bathroom faucets, drawers, and cupboards. There are no loose handles on anything—Brian’s pet-peeve in most places we stay. The bedding is soft and luxuious, a true pleasure to crawl into.

Old Town Fullerton Airbnb

Access is easy with parking right out the door.

The kitchen is small but works well and has a lovely view over the backyard.

Home is Where the Taco Is

We can easily cook our meals here, especially since we do some food prep over the weekends in the desert, like Brian’s famous homemade corn tortillas. A home is not a home without a taco, at least for Brian.

Old Town Fullerton

The best part of this spot is the gorgeous neighborhood of large early twentieth-century houses on Jacaranda lined streets within walking distance to beautiful old town Fullerton. Plus, the host is so nice. Her husband grew up in the main house, and when his mother could no longer manage the property, they moved into his old family home and opened the doors of the guest house to Swellegant Vagabonds like us. We certainly appreciate what they’ve done.

Old Town Fullerton Airbnb

So while the little guest house lacks a “quirky edge,” it’s solid, high quality, and extremely comfortable. We always look forward to coming back.

Want to try Airbnb? If you click the link below and set up an account, you will get $40 in travel credits! How cool is that? And yes… we will benefit as well. We’ll get $20 in credits once you book a trip.


Until next week from a place we haven’t yet stayed—a motel-turned-Airbnb in Anaheim…

Later Gators!


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