Tree Photo: Dogwood Week 11

A Tree Photo

Why is it that trees make such interesting photos? Why are we drawn to make images of them? Because Mother Nature is a spectacular sculptress.

Yucca Valley Elm Tree Photo

This poor tree isn’t bald because of winter. A couple of years ago, this majestic Elm died. We let it remain standing because the hawks nest in it, and even without leaves, the tree is glorious.

Next Week’s Prompt

Gee, guess I’ll need to find a subject. Hey Brian! Whatcha doing later this week?

Okay, this has to be a quick post because…


Last Monday, I started a fresh round of classes, including an illustration class. The pace is insanely fast (five assignments in five days for just this class, including 50 thumbnail sketches), and since I’m new to drawing, I don’t have speed, accuracy, or vision. Is that all? Ha! At least I’m having a blast, even if I’m no good.

Wish me luck!

Until next week…

Later gators!

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