Old Stuff   

December 14, 2014 – Oh hey. What’s happenin’? Me? Not much. Just cleaning out my iPhone photo library. I sense an “old stuff” theme to what I choose to snap, like the above pic of my “old” beat up engineer boots covered in Babe Dust.

And this “old” Buick parked near our shop space.

Classic BuickOr my bitchin’ typewriter and “old” copper Mobilgas ring (check out all the knuckle bustin’ scars on my poor “old” hands. Ha!). Should I write my next novel on this “old” beast? Hmmmm….


And what about these fantastic “old” sunglasses I recently got? Huh? Huh? Pretty cool, right?


Ah… and this “old” player piano I’m snagging from my parents. player pianoAnd lastly, my “old” Bell dirt bike helmet, freshly customized by Rockin’ Renzy.

Bell Helmet

That’s all. Okay! Back to iPhone purging. As you were…

Later gators!

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