Vagabond Life: Yorba Linda Airbnb

This Yorba Linda AirBnB had three really great things going for it: a 1949 Ford parked out front, an awesome Golden Retriever named Tucker (who I kept calling Baxter), and the nicest hosts.

Going to the Country… Sort of.

When last I wrote of our Vagabond Life, we were in an urban environment, staying at an apartment over a store front in downtown Santa Ana. Our latest stay took us to the country… or at least what used to be the country. Yorba Linda.

It was our first time staying at this AirBnb, one I’d hesitated booking since it didn’t have a full kitchen, but I thought, what the heck. We can survive for one week without a kitchen. Plus, I saw the truck in one of the pictures, and well…

Let’s talk about that truck.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my ‘48 Ford, Bondorella. She’s a part of my identity. I often think about her history, even wrote a short story exploring where she might have come from.

1948 Ford F1 in Joshua Tree

Unlike me and Bondorella, there is no mystery for Randy and Sue regarding where their ‘49 came from, because the truck has always been in their family.

Randy’s grandfather bought the Ford new in 1949. The kids all grew up driving it.

Randy’s Dad used it for his upholstery business.

When I asked if the truck still had a flathead, Randy said they’d long ago blown up that engine, so the truck now has a 302 under the hood (thank you for staying Ford!) and is more than a prop in a driveway. Oh, and I think I found the inspiration to redo my seat. My bench is plain vinyl. I like this pattern much better, and I’m guessing, is pretty close to original.


They also had this cool tractor and a ‘68 Bronco… you can see why we got along so well.

The Space

The cottage sits in the backyard of their 1940’s ranch home, and was once the location of the stables. The original structure wasn’t salvageable, but they modeled the new one in the style of the old, with lots of barn-wood features and homey touches.

Sue and Randy are fairly new to running the Airbnb, but boy did they nail it: Tons of snacks and beverages, comfortable bed with nice quality sheets, and super fluffy Turkish cotton towels. The yard out the French Doors is beautiful, as well, the perfect place to relax and watch the hummingbirds.

As I told Sue and Randy, we felt very at home in the space, and will certainly book again, not only for their great company, but of course, to visit once more with the ’49 Ford and with Tucker. Maybe next time I’ll get a better picture of him.

Until next week, when we return to one of favorite boutique hotels…

Later Gators!

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