The Stretch Project!

Even though I’d planned to use this blog to write about my news assignments, I can’t, not when the majority of our news coverage is crime. At the end of the day, I want as far from negativity as possible.

So here’s my latest idea: I’ll write only about the awesomely cool stories, deal? Like the whale watching segment I recently shot for a half-an-hour animal/human connection special. Pretty fun stuff.


I also kayaked with my Mommy on her 70th birthday. How cool is that?


Another cool thing I did last month, was The Stretch Project, through the Blogilates program. Every day, we were given our pose, we’d do it, photograph it, then post on our Instagram account (I created a special, top secret one just for this project. Shhhh…).

Not only did it vastly help my flexibility and introduce me to an incredibly supportive group of fitness fans, I had a blast coming up with interesting ways to photograph my pose.

This last one was taken at Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. I totally bombed the one-leg-extended-wheel pose, but I had a wicked migraine that day and this is an extremely difficult pose. But hey! Check out that background!

Now, for July, we’re doing the Journey to Splits.

Dang. I’ve never been able to do splits. NEVER. Not even at my most flexible. This is my starting point. See? Pathetic.

Let’s see where I end up by the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

Along with work, and fitness, and fun, I’ve been writing again after a much-too-long hiatus while I figured out how to best approach a suggested rewrite from an agent for my novel, CALIFORNIA COTTON. By George, I think I’ve finally got it!!

Stay tuned for more on that…

Stay flexi and healthy my friends!





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