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  • Week 26: Landscape Simplified

    Week 26: Landscape Simplified

    June 30, 2016 – You can’t get much simpler for a “landscape simplified” than a high-desert vista, with its sparse vegetation, amazing skies, and long-forgotten treasures, like the ruins of this limestone mine where we made camp. During both days of our adventure, we never saw another soul, just wide open spaces and the quietest quiet you’ve ever heard.

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  • Week 25: Portrait Silhouette

    Week 25: Portrait Silhouette

    June 20, 2016 – Summer solstice holds a special place in my heart. Brian and I got married on the solstice, a date Brian picked. He isn’t an overtly romantic guy, but man, when he lets romance fly, he does it right. He said he chose that date because he wanted our happiest day to fall on the longest day…

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