Symmetry Photo: Dogwood Week 10

When you’re out for hike and accidentally end up on Mars.

Perhaps this art installation isn’t completely in the spirit of the theme—since the structure is symmetrical by nature instead of making an image that creates symmetry, like a reflection in the water, or two skyscrapers twinning against the sky—but it just looked so cool.

Desert X

In case you didn’t know, Desert X is a site-specific art exhibition in and around Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley focusing on the climate extremes of the desert, creating “structures of survival.”

This piece entitled Liquid A Place was created by Torkwase Dyson, and is truly striking, with its sheer blackness against the pale surroundings. If you click her name above, you can watch a video where she talks about the philosophy behind this design.

This is the fourth year of Desert X and the first time I’ve come across an installation. Over the last couple of years, we’ve mostly spent our time in Winslow Arizona, but still have our house in Yucca Valley California, near the Joshua Tree National Park. Now that we’re spending more time here, we hope to see the others. The exhibition goes through May.

Fun things I learn in school.

My favorite design teacher at U of A College of Fine Arts clued me in to duo-toned photographs, a technique that worked particularly well for this subject matter. For the header image, I used red and yellow, and the one below, blue and brown. I had a tough time deciding between these two images, so let Brian choose. He preferred the image seen in the header with the keyhole, but I like this photo as well, so decided to include it.

Landscape Symmetry Photo of Desert X art installation

Hitting the Road

And now it’s time to head to our other home, a no-worries-Sunday drive-about. See you next week for…

Later Gators!


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