Riding the High

November 6, 2015 – What a week! I’m totally riding the high from the reaction to my BABES RIDE OUT  coverage. The news segment was the top post for NBC LA on Monday.

Cool, right? The article was also picked up by the New York Times and PopSugarCelebrity and shared all over the place. More than that, though, the Babes behind the event were pleased–my number one goal. I’ve been flooded with emails, texts, and comments from peers and attendees about how much they loved the piece, which is fantastic, especially since I second guessed my coverage. Still after more than twenty years shooting news, I always think back on how I would do things differently, the elements that would have made it just that much better.

I suppose in a way, that questioning is good.  If I thought everything I did was brilliant, I’d be stagnant. I never want to stop growing (creatively that is… the hips can stop growing anytime, thank you very much).

On the Motor Dolls Blog, you’ll find a little blog post on my personal experience, and if you didn’t see the NBC news story, here it is:

Okay. So back to real news life. Sadly, none of the stories this week thrilled me from a photographic standpoint. Not a single good “picture story.” Ugh.

My Week in News


In preparation for the impending monster El Nino, reporter Vikki Vargas and I cover flood insurance. Do you need it? What does it cover? How much does it cost?

As a photographer/editor, my biggest frustration came from having to use SILENT file video. Video of water rushing and mud flowing with NO SOUND doesn’t have the same impact. Plus, using file means I have no control over the quality of the shots. BOO! The story link.


The smiling bandit. Surveillance of a gas station bank robber. Someone will surely recognize him. Most of the segment is surveillance video.  The story Link.


Follow up on Fatal DUI Hit and Run in Santa Ana. A 24-year-old sitting on curb, gets run down by man driving a minivan who then takes off. A witness chases after the driver, and detains him until police arrive. The suspect was not only drunk, but driving on a suspended license, and has been deported several times over drug and alcohol related charges. The story link.


High speed pursuit ends with the driver crashing onto the low brick wall of a church. He jumps out, and according to witnesses, runs full bore down South Street in Long Beach, firing at a CHP motor officer, and somehow ending up on the railroad tracks where he dies of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The story link.


Apartment fire in Anaheim. Eight units destroyed, no one hurt. Our morning crew shot everything, so I had little to contribute other than my editing skills and a few aftermath shots. The story link.

Okay. Well. That was that. Not one of my favorite news weeks in the visual realm. But… there’s always next week.

Until next time…

Later gators!

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