Set against the subculture of classic cars, motorcycles, tattoos, and vintage fashion, MOTOR DOLLS takes the reader on a thrilling, girl-powered ride in search of life’s passions, featuring:

JEDA: a graphic artist full of bad-assery

BENNY: a photographer seeking her Perfect Moment on film.


A prophecy shared by a stranger on the day of her grandmother’s death pushes Jeda to live like there’s no tomorrow, chasing pistonone outrageous stunt after another, all instigated by mysterious messages from an unknown source. But when the danger escalates, she begins to question the motive behind it all: Is she simply nuts? Or is some mysterious man in gray really trying to drive her to her death?

In her search for answers, Jeda lets Benny in on the secret, and since Benny is at a crossroads—finish her Masters in Geology? or drop out of school to pursue her true passion? —she agrees to help. As Benny documents the madness of Jeda’s life on film—like driving in a Blindfolded Death Race and luging downhill on a skateboard with no brakes—they learn the truth behind the enigmatic man in gray; a truth that tests the foundations of Jeda’s family and of their friendship.







“The icing on the cake is how Lori covers the entirely well done psychological story in a retro world that is incredibly detailed and seductively intriguing. She adds in classic car and car races in the desert, rebuilding custom vintage motorcycles, ghost towns, downhill luging on skateboards, a mysterious man who knows everything they do, diving into dye tanks, flying in a person kite over Santa Monica Pier and the weather in Belize. Her attention to detail and talent for description is extraordinary and her ability to keep the pace of the story makes it fantastic to read.” – ALI CREAN, Blogger


“The Motor Dolls plot is a high velocity who-done-it, guaranteed to get you arrested for speed reading. This is the very definition of a page turner, as it has pages that turn and everything. A must read for aspiring escape artists!” – SCOTTY GOSSON, Author of Rat Rods, America’s Favorite Station Wagons, and Wildest Show Rods


“Hoowee! I can assure you this book is as much fun as it sounds. It’s easy to see this book was written by a woman who knows her way around the garage and with a knack for creating believable characters, even in unbelievable situations. Little quirks make the characters seem very real, like someone you know or could easily know. There are lots of zinging one liners that are as amusing as they are true. There’s also beautiful descriptions of girls and their cars or riding their motorbikes at top speed to clear their heads.” – SHERI BOMB, Australian Rockabilly Blogger


“Rich with imagery, this is one of those books that just makes the rest of the world go away it’s so engaging. A story about a pair of car-loving college-aged gals and good pals during their Summer of Thrills. Not only do I love the adventures and mystery that they find themselves in the middle of, but I love that the two main characters are thoroughly unique, independent, and courageous.” – KRISTIN MARTIN, Automotive Journalist and founder of


“I devoured this book on a rainy sick day. It is accessible and easy to read while being very engaging, descriptive and colorful. By the time I was halfway through, I wanted to grab a friend and hop in the car for a road trip. Motor Dolls is a great story about friendship, youth and discovering who you are, with a fun mystery to tie it all together.” – KAT TESSIER, Hells Belles Car Club


Seldom do I fall in love with characters or a story so far from what I would consider my comfort zone, but with Jeda and Benny, you just can’t help it. Excellently written, wonderfully thought out, a perfect adventure of laughs, danger and mystery. Harder and harder to put down as you flip each page.” – JOHNATHAN DENNEY, Photographer


“Brava! This story kicks ass, and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know your characters. Your plot is interesting, unpredictable and credible.” – ED AUBRY, Author, STATIC MAYHEM and CAPRICE



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