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If you hate posts about food, move right along. I have a nice story about a girl and her truck, here. Or a tour of our new ’66 Airstream, here.

But if you find food fascinating…

By all means, read on.

Hubby and I like taking things down to the basics. He makes tortillas from scratch. Chile powder from chiles he’s dried. He even roasts our coffee. I make our almond butter and bone broths and soups. Quite simply, food is better without added processes.

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey, layered with homemade corn tortillas, hatch chiles, cheddar cheese, and chile sauce

But really… this is more than just a food post. Whenever I hit a hitch in a novel, I find writing about something as trivial as food, helps get the wheels spinning again. It’s an easy flow, you know? That’s kinda what my random topic’d author blog is about. A way to clear the brain.

I used to blog pretty regularly about our food experiments–since we both like cooking and photographing–but after the great website crash of 2017, we let Townhomesteaders go (plus, we sold our townhome, so the name kinda didn’t go with our new life).

Last Night’s Albondigas Soup

Instead, I’m going to (occasionally) bore readers with our food diaries on this site (mostly for ourselves because we like to look back and remember, plus, you know, the whole clearing the writer’s block thing). I’ll especially write when we do something (we think) is cool, like roasting raw organic cocoa beans. WHOA…

The smell of roasting cocoa beans is pretty awesome. Once they cooled Brian ground them into cocoa powder.

What non-sugar eaters do with Cocoa Powder.

You read that right. Non-sugar eaters. One year and three months ago, we changed our way of eating, thanks to a book I read on getting rid of chronic migraines. August 2016 we dropped sugar and most grains (homemade corn tortillas being our one exception, and only after I got into Phase 4). We also reduced overall carb intake. It worked. I mean REALLY WORKED. Cured my 36-year-long battle with migraines. To read the full journey, click this link.

But what about treats??

People still ask what I do for treats. My feller is a miracle worker with sweet potato. His sweet potato pie is to die for. No sweetener of any kind. No flour. Just good whole foods.

Our latest treat is about as simple as it gets. Three ingredients: My homemade vanilla almond butter. A roasted, mashed sweet potato. And the home-roasted and ground cocoa beans.The result?

A fudgey, brownie-like square of deliciousness, topped with whipped cream (cream and vanilla only, no sweetener)–and yes, I realize our palettes have changed after a year without sugar, but I don’t know how anyone could eat this and not find it super delightful.

Even if you don’t have migraines, do yourself a favor and drop the sugar. Your body will thank you. Oh, and make these brownies. Your mouth will thank you.

And now it’s time to shut mine and get back to editing my novel chapter.

The Recipe if you’re interested…

  • 1 cup roasted and mashed sweet potato
  • 1/2 cup almond butter (I add vanilla and salt when making mine, or you can use jarred)
  • 1/4- 2/3 cup cocoa powder (either home-roasted or tinned)
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and coat a 4 x 6  loaf pan with butter
  2. Put ingredients into a food processor and pulse until fluffy
  3. Transfer batter to loaf pan and bake for 12-15 minutes, or until a skewer comes out just clean. Cool completely
  4. Top with cream whipped stiff with vanilla added

Until next time…

Later Gators!


  • Mary

    I’ll try this! Thanks for the inspiring food post (trying to change my foods, also). I’ll be on the hunt for the raw cocoa beans.

  • Anonymous

    Oooh this recipie looks really great!!! Can I just ask how you make your almond butter (I realise that nay be a silly question!)?? Could peanut butter work instead do you think?? I’m implementing the migraine miracle plan also so want to stick within the framework and won’t be making this till I’m in phase 4, but the thought of this is great motivation to keep going and what a treat for when I do get to phase 4!!! Thanks so much for all your inspiring blogs – Caroline

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