Nine Best Insta Shots of 2015

January 7, 2016

I’m totally stealing this idea from my pal GreaseGirl, giving a quick rundown of the year using the Nine Best Insta Shots of 2015 app.

One event certainly dominated the favorites. Babes Ride Out.


1. Road Encounter with the Babes

A couple of months before Babes Ride Out, I stopped at a Morongo Valley gas station to fuel my Triumph and ran into Anya and Ashmore. We had a great little chat, which I wrote about HERE.

2. The Lonely Bull

This one really surprised me. Brian and I took a couple of the older EVO softails out for a jaunt, my first experience riding one. Never guessed this picture of me with the Lonely Bull would be so popular. I of course wrote about the ride, HERE.

3. Riding Joshua Tree During B.R.O.

Gotta love a GoPro.

4. Riding JT During B.R.O from Kristin

Kristin, a.k.a. Grease Girl, hopped on the back of our new friend Tiffany’s Triumph, and she snagged this shot as we were riding through the park.

5. Packing up at B.R.O.

My neighbor at B.R.O. snapped this shot of me packing up at the end of the weekend. I had no idea she did until she tagged me on Insta. Cool! Shows off my awesome new bag.

6. Bondorella on the Road

Brian and I ended up driving on the same road together, so he grabbed this shot. Kinda blurry, but something about it speaks to me. Guess it did to others as well.

7. Promoting the NBC B.R.O. Story

More B.R.O. The coverage was a huge success. Check it out HERE.

8. Happy Halloween

This is an old shot, back when I actually DID something for Halloween! Doni from Throttle Gals magazine asked if she could use it for the new calendar, and I said sure! Miss October. Get yours HERE.

9. Bondorella Comes Home

This is by far my favorite shot of the group because it was a VERY HAPPY DAY. My truck had never really run right.  Finally, I got it all sorted out. This is the day I picked her up and learned how her flathead was SUPPOSED to run. The story HERE.

And there you have it. My year in review (sort of) thanks to Instagram.

Until next time!

Later gators!

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  • Kristin

    Haha, good steal! I’m actually going back in to add something to mind because as Ethan put it, the post is only about “3 adventures and one really old one!” BRO didn’t even make it in!!
    I’m so glad that Bonderella is running as she should be… looking forward to very soon having her ol’ pal Studie doing the same!

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