My Life in Black and White: Day 5 – Small Moments

It’s bathtime, one of my favorite times of the day, a chance to soak and relax and reflect–or to fall asleep, which I often do, waking up cold with water-crinkled fingers. Even so, it’s a daily ritual I love.

It’s important to notice and appreciate those small moments because they provide an element of contentment.

Like for instance, today–another 100-degree cooker. During our live shot, a cloud cover came over and a few fat, cooling drops hit us. Not many mind you, but enough. As I walked back to the news van, the sun broke through the clouds and this glorious scene revealed. I stopped and reflected on this small moment and then grabbed my Go Pro and made this shot.

Taking time to appreciate that small moment ended my work-day just right. And now I’m going to go appreciate my fluffy pillow.

Until tomorrow…

Later Gators!


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