Music Photo: Week 9

No Worries Sunday Music Photo

Yes, I went full-blown corny this week because music should be fun. Brian has colored hue-lights all over our Yucca Valley house, which helped make this playful image to represent our No Worries Sundays. Music plays a big role on this day. We put on our coziest ensembles, drink our coffee, and blast the music of Leonard Cohen. Even the cat gets into the action, although he’s pretty hard to see here, playing the piano with me.

No Worries Sunday is our favorite day of the week. Happiness is a mindset, and giving yourself a day to just chill sets you up for a good week ahead.

Speaking of which, let’s talk…


Micro-Moments of Positivity


Brian is great at this. He always smiles and waves at strangers and says hello and it’s 100% sincere, not fabricated. It fascinates me how a small compliment or recognition can completely transform someone’s face. Here’s a well-phrased quote from the article:

“Whenever you share a tiny, positive moment with another human — even if it’s just a warm smile or your eyes meeting as you acknowledge each other for existing on this planet — you unleash a cascade of positive reactions in you and them.”


Who wouldn’t want a cascade of positive reactions? I don’t know about you, but I’m going to work on creating cascades. Many cascades. A waterfall of cascades. In fact, I’m going to try and create a cascade right now with this:

Thank you. I don’t if these words simply go into the vast void of the internet or if they connect with anyone, but if you’ve read this far and are still with me, I appreciate you. Sincerely.

Next Week’s Prompt:

Symmetry can indeed be challenging. In my first art photography class at U of A, we were assigned this same task. Now to come up with a different one…

Until next week…

I’ll leave you with this cool video of Leonard Cohen singing with Julie Felix. Click the photo to be transported to your own No Worries Sunday.

no worries sunday leonard cohen for the music photo

Later Gators!


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