Miss Fisher Addict

December 30, 2015 – Several years ago, my feller and I got rid of our TV.

I know, I know, SHOCKING… especially considering I work in television.

For the most part, I haven’t missed the boob-tube a speck. Granted, TV watching never rated high on my downtime roster–I’d rather read a book–but I admit to enjoying an occasional TMC film or a Leave it to Beaver rerun. Sometimes the brain needs that comforting flicker, like on those mind-taxing news days when words on a page won’t snap into focus. Only the easy, pure escapist kind of storytelling found in moving pictures will do and thankfully, the computer and Amazon Instant Video provide that relief.

My latest guilty escape? Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (even if the show’s subject matter does too closely resemble my work as a photojournalist).

But hey! This is FICTION. That’s totally different.


Set in one of my favorite decades, the twenties, the show features a kickass lady detective with a penchant for fast cars, hot dudes, and phenomenal clothes. What could be better, right?

Plus, it’s set in Australia, only one of the greatest spots on the planet.


Then, there’s the style of the production. The decor. The machinery. The fashion. Oh how stunning Phryne’s frocks are! Yet I’m more drawn to the less girly outfits, like when she wears trousers (shocking!), or a driving suit like the one above, or those spectacular lace-up boots she’s worn in several episodes (if you know who makes them, I need to know!). But really, the fashion of her Doctor pal Mac suits me most. Every time she steps on screen, I fall in love with her garments. Feminine man-style perfected. My dream look.


As for the episodes, I have many favorites, although I’m partial to “Blood at the Wheel” featuring a team of lady race car drivers. Surprised, right?? Oh… those cars!

And have I mentioned Dot, Phryne’s sidekick? Can’t wait to see where Dot’s almost puritanical Catholic character goes throughout the series. An independent, free-thinking, tack-sharp woman boils just under the surface, something we often get glimpses of. Dot’s boundaries are always being pushed and her responses are exciting to witness. Like the scene below, where she masquerades as a Russian racer even though she’s never driven a car. Tell her she can’t do it, and she’ll give you an earful. Let’s just see one of you blokes run a sewing machine!


The show’s storylines are a bit predictable, but hey, aren’t most murder mysteries? Certainly for me, watching is more about the characters and production design than the plot, both of which captivate me.

Speaking of which, this is going to have to be short. Season Two, episode 10 awaits.

Until next time,

Later gators!


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