Make the Ordinary Beautiful: Dogwood Week 7

Dogwood 52 Photo Challenge Make the Ordinary Beautiful

Considering most vehicles use key fobs now instead of keys, perhaps this isn’t “ordinary” for everyone, but it is for me since I drive a ‘48 Ford. This, however, is not Miss Bondorella’s key (hers is very plain). The plan is to make this vintage Ford key-blank her official key, if anyone can even still do it! I thought this would be the perfect subject for this week’s challenge.

How to make the ordinary beautiful…

For me, it’s always about the lighting—and you don’t need fancy equipment. This was created with only backlight from the candle behind the key, and the red light setting on the headlamp I use to take the trash out at night to spark up the front of the key. I have lighting gear, but prefer to use what’s around me any time I can—like natural light. I love natural light that mimics the chiaroscuro lighting of a Caravaggio painting (totally pulled that from my cinema history class—does it make me sound super smart?). Unlike last week’s heavily photoshopped image, this week is straight from the camera (other than adding the watermark). I rarely fully center a subject, but for this photo, it worked much better than offsetting. So there you have it…

Now it’s time to celebrate Brian’s no-worries-Sunday birthday!

His birthday was yesterday, but he wanted to celebrate on his favorite day of the week—No Worries Sunday—with a little Leonard Cohen, lots of tacos, and a relaxed day where worries get kicked to the curb—a Ted and Jen invention, and one we adopted with vigor.

Next Week’s Prompt

Until Next Sunday…

Later Gators!


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