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July 31, 2017 – People often ask how we–as news people–cope with reporting on people’s worst days, how we stay positive in a world of negative, how we find joy in what we do. I always say it’s the people we meet, whose stories we tell–good or bad–that make the job rewarding. Still…

The Best Day stories are my favorites.

The times we highlight the good make up for all of the bad. At NBC Los Angeles, we do a series called Life Connected, “chronicling the many ways people and communities across Southern California come together to inspire and support one another“–kind of a chain reaction of good.

I love shooting these stories.

Lori with the Magic Wheelchair

Kumaka the Flash

For this edition, the connections began when a man made Halloween costumes for his wheel-chair-bound kids. That grew into the non-profit Magic Wheelchair. Flash forward to a SoCal music video directer, who contacted the company about donating his time to make a magic wheelchair. And finally, an Orange County boy with Spina Bifada, who was the lucky recipient of the coolest costume ever, totally highlighting his already super-hero attitude.

One person, positively impacting another, then impacting another.

I’ve met a broad spectrum of people over the last twenty-three years shooting news, from all walks of life, facing all kinds of challenges. People like Kumaka here.

Kumaka Jensen and his Magic WheelchairAnd Lior Molcho who donated his time.

And Ryan Weimer, who I didn’t get to meet, but who started Magic Wheelchair in the first place.

These are the people who make it all worthwhile.

I’m so happy Vikki and I got to tell their story. I’ll let the segment speak for itself. Watch the video below, or click this link to go to NBC Los Angeles for the printed text and full story.


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Until next time…

Later Gators!

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