Loop Lighting: Dogwood Week 12

I cringe a little (a lot) doing a traditional-style self-portrait like this. But I needed a subject for this week’s Loop Lighting challenge and certainly needed an updated portrait of myself. It’s been about six years since my last one and I’m now old with greying hair.

Loop Lighting

Back in the day, I lit my news interviews using loop lighting. It’s a flattering technique that adds modeling to the face through shadows by placing the light high and to the side. The name comes from the signature “loop” shadow offset beneath the nose.

I made this image as an alternative to pacing while waiting for feedback on an illustration assignment. We have really short turn arounds on the assignments, and I’m slow since I’m new to drawing. As a distraction, I turned to the loop lightning challenge. With no makeup, uncombed hair, and a U of A hoodie, I looked like a stressed college student with a bad aging filter. I scrapped that photo fast, threw on some makeup and hat and jacket, and made this little less frightening one.


So the illustration class. This class scared me going into it, but even though the pace moves fast, I’m pleased with how it’s going. We’re learning the full path of how an illustration goes from concept to final. I’m once again waiting for professor feedback so I can do the final drawing for this week. It’s due tomorrow. She’s definitely showing us how to work quickly under deadline. So… back to pacing. Wish me luck. Maybe I’ll even show you the illustration in next week’s post. Speaking of next week…

Oh dear. Definitely not going political. Guess I’ll have to break out of my bubble and take a peek into the real world.

Until next week…

Later Gators!


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