My Life in Black and White: Day One – Mindfulness

Let’s talk about being mindful. But first a word about My Life in Black and White

I’m stupid about challenges. I really like them–the whole having a plan to execute, a daily assignment. A Facebook friend posted a seven-day “My Life in Black and White” challenge, and of course, anything involving photography gets my blood pumping, so here I go, my modification of the challenge, making my own rules to serve me best–by adding in an element of self-reflection.

Day One in Black and White. MINDFULNESS.

I have a LOT going on right now. Big decisions. Life changes. Stuff I’ll go into once I figure it all out. And don’t worry, it’s all good, just the kind of things that occupy a whole bunch of brain space. Sometimes my mind clicks through all the potential scenarios so quickly I have trouble focusing and being productive and instead spin my wheels. Not good.

How to combat the psyche-chaos? A bit of meditation. Ten minutes. In the morning. A way to calm the brain and find focus. A tool to organize the thoughts, push away the unimportant ones, figure out what matters, and what most deserves my attention.

A beautiful way to become mindful of the day.


Plus–as an added bonus–the deep breathing revitalizes the body, filling it with oxygen, and creating amazing energy to tackle the day ahead.

Until tomorrow…


Later gators!

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