My Life in Black and White: Day 7 – Appreciate

I have a lot of great things in my life, especially this guy right here. One of the secrets to maintaining a happy life and a happy marriage is to appreciate what you have around you and appreciate the one you’re with. Every day. Remember all the reasons you chose this person to spend forever with.

I most appreciate our comfort of hanging out, our joy in simply being together playing with cameras or enjoying nature or cooking or driving around. I appreciate the way he so cutely talks to birds (like he’s doing right now with an adorable pointy-headed gray bird here in Yucca Valley). I appreciate his wisdom and the way he makes an active point of doing the right thing. I appreciate the way he helps me be a better person.

And I really appreciate his awesome homemade corn tortillas and his love of tacos. Now go make me some, Brian! xoxo

That concludes the seven-day My Life in Black and White challenge.

Until the next challenge I get suckered into doing…

Later Gators!

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  • DianeBentley

    So profound and so sweet and all so true to make your life happy.. you and Brian are a great example of a truly happy marriage and friendship ❤️

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