My Life in Black and White: Day 4 – Grit

Grit. It’s the thing that keeps you going despite setbacks and frustrations. Even before my current shoulder challenge, my boss and I frequently discussed the characteristics of grit. We have similar philosophies on the topic, and lately, our talks have helped me through some of the difficulties regarding the new way I have to approach work, so I found it particularly bizarre that an Instagram ad came up in my feed for Best Self (a success journal), and a blog post entitled “5 Ways to Build Grit.”   Crazy timing, huh?

I, of course, clicked the link, and also sent the link to my boss. He called, laughing, and said:

“Hey! That’s the kind of stuff we’re always talking about!”

Yep. Sure is.

As for the photo, I was playing around with my GoPro, and the only shot I really liked was the test shot I did before hopping out of frame. The other few had elements I didn’t like. So here it is. My Black and White Grit photo to go along with the words of Grit.
You can click this link to read the full post on building grit, but below are the five essentials points:

1. Stop Focusing On The Wrong Things.

2. Understand Your Mindset

3. View Setbacks as Opportunities and Never Stop Asking Questions

4. Discover and Explore Your Passions

5. Believe That You Can Change and Grow

All things I’m well aware of, but hey! Never hurts to reinforce.

Until next time…

Later gators!

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