Letters to Charlie Characters

[cws-row col=1][col span=12][cws-widget type=text atts='{“border_style”:”none”,”border_color”:”#cccccc”,”extra_line”:”0″,”use_hover”:”0″,”customize_bg”:”0″,”animate”:”0″}’]THE CHARACTERS:So we keep everyone straight, I created this cast of characters for the Letters to Charlie Series. CHARLES:Born in 1892A student at Bradford AcademyFifteen-years-old when the letters begin in 1907Lives in Bradford VermontWorks at the Bradford telephone exchange as an operatorDORA:Born September 17, 1884Four siblings: Frank, Alvah, Christie, Zena, and brother who died as an infant, FrankLives in Lisbon New HampshireTwenty-three when the letters begin in 1907Works at the telephone exchange in Woodsville New HampshireDR OLIVER D. and Mrs. EASTMANDr Eastman is the VP of the NH Vermont Telephone AssocFive Sons:DK, Burns, Abel, Ollie, and MiloCLARA: Perhaps a friend? Another operator? She too is in Woodsville, and “goes walking” with Eastman son, DK CARRIE: Works as an operator in Bradford with Charlie JOHN MERRILL: “John” is mentioned a lot. My guess is he is an operator at Warren since he filled in for Charlie, and seems to listen in on the line quite a bit. He does not approve of Charlie it seems. MR. ARTHUR, someone Charlie has conversations with MR. BAILEY (possible suitor who Dora shuns) TELEPHONE EXCHANGES: Newbury. Warren. Bradford. WoodsvilleHELEN TYLER MOULTON, New LEtter writer, Born November 12, 1889. Father Frank, mother Marcie Atwood[/cws-widget][/col][/cws-row]