Letters to Charlie

Letters to Charlie # 18: March 9, 1910

I’m posting this from Heathrow Airport in London, caught in a chain-reaction flight delay—the perfect time to try and get caught up with posts. I don’t have the letter with me to photograph, but at least I had the transcription, and found this cool 1910 header photo from the Ontario archives.

The Delay

You would think hitting blog schedules would be easier now that I’m not working for the man, but it’s quite the opposite. I once again missed the Letters to Charlie post—not just one letter, but TWO. This one, and the next that landed on March 20th. To make up for my negligence, here’s a picture of my favorite Winslow feral kitten, Babbitt.

Okay. Now that we’ve all said, Awwwww! Let’s get to…

The Letter

This is a particularly interesting one from Dora, full of people and places and a couple of things that made me question. Instead of setting things up, let’s get right into it and chat on the other side. (Grammatical errors left in.)

[su_box title=”March 9, 1910″ style=”soft” box_color=”#ddcba8″ radius=”4″]Lisbon, N.H.

March 9, 1910

I’ve been guessing now for two day about the post-card I received a few days ago. I imagine you know something about it. The writing resembles that of John’s I think a little. Who sent it?

Carrie told me last night that they were going to have the office all fixed over. Won’t you look fine then? Just tell John Hay not to hurry about it for I want it the same old place when I come to make my farewell visit.

In regard to the Mr. Obie and Lila Mace you inquired about. I know neither one, only by sight. Miss Mace is about seventeen I guess, just a little older than you. I think she is real cute. You may see her down there sometime for she and Mrs. Obie are great friends.

I thought by your last letter you felt offended because I didn’t tell you I intended to go to St. Johnsbury. I’m sorry if you felt so. I knew well enough Carrie would tell you and thought that sufficient. Never once thought you would feel as if I ought to tell you myself.

Next Saturday if it’s pleasant I intend to go to Newbury for the day. And then the next week I am going out to Benton and stay a whole week. I guess they will be making new sugar by that time. Do you want a sugar cake?

I expect my big brother home in about two weeks for the summer. He expects to work for E.B. Mann & Co at Woodsville beginning the first of April. We will have good times together if I’m only able to go to work.

I’m going to work for Mrs. Kent tomorrow from four o’clock until seven and then Friday morning from six thirty until nine thirty. I guess I’ll have to get up in the morning. Mrs. Kent is going to Whitefield.

Expect you will go to the Union Depot tonight. Hope you will enjoy it. I didn’t care much for it. Rather see a good drama.

Thank you for the post cards you sent while on your trip. Was much surprised to know you were traveling over the state and I’m just as curious as ever and so watched the Montpelier papers. I found in three different papers something about your academy team and I don’t wonder you are proud of the team. I’m glad the season is most over. I don’t like the have you play.

Won’t you try and do better than I’ve done and answer my letter before two weeks. I would like to hear from you every day.





Let’s start with the anonymous postcard. She speculates it’s from John. Don’t you wonder what it says?? If you go back to Letter #7, John basically said Dora was too good to be wasting her time with Charlie. Clearly his opinion didn’t make much impact, considering her ongoing Charlie obsession.

She mentions a farewell visit to the newly remodled office and later says something about him being offended about not being told in person she’s going to St. Johnsbury. She also talks about her brother (either Alvah or Frank) coming home to work for the pharmacy and how they’ll have a good time together if only she can work. She also talks about going to Benton again. So here’s my theory: She is still too sick to return full-time to work as an operator. Speculating of course,but…

Another thing that struck me in this letter is her mention of age. She says, “Miss Mace is about seventeen I guess, just a little older than you.” But Charlie is eighteen, will turn nineteen in 1910. Is Dora still stuck on Charlie being the young boy she first started corresponding with? Weird.

And the delay goes on…

The next letter, which came on March 20th, will have to wait a bit, just as I am waiting now… in the airport. Our flight out of Phoenix was two hours late, which caused us to miss our London connection in Dallas, along with our connection to our final destination.

So where are we going?

PRAGUE! For two weeks, thanks to my hubby, who received the Harley-Davidson recognition trip for a stellar year at the dealership. I’m super proud of him. Many thanks as well to the owner for her generosity.

Since we’re going to be cruising around we decided to travel light, so I didn’t bring my DSLR. I’m sure I’ll get frustrated with only cell phone pictures, but it’s a great way to let go of photo obsessing and simply experience and enjoy—something we’re excited to do. If we ever get there…

Talk to ya when I get back…

Later Gators!


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  • Cathy Merrill

    I am woefully behind so I need to go back and get caught up on these but I’ve seen the last couple…I’m fascinated. Thanks for sharing. I love the pics, related or not and I hope you have a great time in Prague!

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