Letters to Charlie

Letters to Charlie #15: August 18, 1909

Fifteen days ago, Dora wrote to Charlie and told him she loved him. Not just once in the letter. But twice. Oh Dora. I told you that was a bad idea.

Judging by this letter, I’m guessing I was right.

The Set Up

Dora is still convalescing in Benton New Hampshire. She’s been there for over a month now, and I’m sure is lonely and bored and scared. All she can do is lay in her bed and obsess about Charlie.

This letter is a short one, but a heartbreaking one. The Carrie mentioned is another telephone operator who works with Charlie in the Benton office.

Letters to Charlie #15

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Benton, New Hampshire

August 18, 1909

Dear Charles:-

What is the trouble with someone that I don’t hear from them? What have I written or done dear that displeases you? I know there must be something, but what I don’t know. I guess there has never been a time before but what I’ve known the reasons for all the little unpleasantness that has ever been between us.

I have been so patient and waited and looked for a letter and still no letter came. I am so discouraged.

I had a letter from Carrie and she said you were well so I know you are alive that is all.

Perhaps you don’t care to correspond with me any longer. If that is the case wont you please tell me? Don’t say you want to forget me for that would kill me. I can’t forget you.

With love,



Of course, I’m making assumptions when I say Dora writing those three little words fifteen days ago caused Charlie to freak out. Maybe he had a perfectly legitimate reason for not writing her back.

I’d like to think that, but as Dora herself said, in the past she could clearly identify what caused their unpleasantness. Not this time. If she truly thought about things, I’m sure she would see what we see. But perhaps denial is easier. 

I know I picked on Dora a lot in the last letter, but I feel so sad for her in this one. Regardless of the situation, heartbreak is the worst.

Hang in there Dora. Be kind to yourself. Focus on getting better and getting back to your life.

So What’s Next?

Well, friends. I’m afraid we too are going to have to patiently wait by the mail box, because the next letter doesn’t land in Charlie’s mailbox until December 13, the only letter remaining in 1909.

Until that time…

Later gators!

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