Jail Escape

January 26, 2017 – Talk about a wild crazy couple of news days! We had an exclusive Tuesday. A big one.

First let’s go back to January 2016, when three prisoners escaped from Men’s Central Jail in Santa Ana. For over a week, the story dominated my news life. We remained camped out at the Sheriff’s department for days, getting updates, and awaiting their capture.
Jail Escape

Finally one escapee, Bac Duong (on the far right), turned himself in.

A day later, the other two–Adam Hossein Nayeri and Jonathan Tieu–were captured in a San Francisco Whole Foods parking lot when a citizen recognized the van from the news. That should have been that, right? Story over. But no…

A year and a half later, here’s what made our day crazy,:

The three men recorded their escape.

You heard me right. They had a cell phone inside the jail and documented the moment they slid through the pre-cut metal grate into the air conditioning ducts and onto the roof.

The fifteen-minute, highly edited video came to us exclusively via an attorney connected to the case.

Let’s just say the day was madness, bringing various groups associated with the incident to my van to watch the video, attorneys on all ends involved, formatting the various sized clips for a 16×9 screen… But hey… having that exclusive made it all worth it.

To watch the full video go to this link to watch for yourself.

Until next time…

Later gators!

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    • Lori

      Haha! Crazy, right?? The whole thing was threaded with music, David Bowie, The Animals… so bizarre. We stripped the music of the full video posted at NBC, and used small “fair use” clips in our newscast.

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