MAY 14, 2014

YAWN…. oh my. It’s going to be tough getting through this 100 Happy Days blog post. I’m totally falling asleep. You hear that a lot from me don’t you? I suppose that’s because I never manage to start writing until after ten-ish, and by then… I’m beat.

In case you don’t know, I’m a news photojournalist for NBC Los Angeles. Last February, NBC moved from the Burbank lot where they’d been… forever, to a brand new building on the Universal lot, and I at last made it up to see our Brokaw News Center! Woo hoo! I honestly think I’m the last employee to see our new home. Since I work out of a bureau, I don’t go up there often, and it’s been weird not being able to visualize the newsroom where my colleagues work.

Well now I can! It’s very stark inside, kind of IKEA meets APPLE STORE (I’d show you, but I totally forgot to take any newsroom pics). It might take some getting used to, but it’s certainly a long way technologically speaking from the old place–although I have to admit, I miss walking by the old Johnny Carson set and the soap sets, Jay Leno’s cars, all of the history… Sigh. Guess I just like old stuff. It will be fun exploring the Universal lot, though. Haven’t done that since a USC summer program  I took back in 1989, where we spent a couple of days a week on the lot.

Oh… and the story I went up there to cut? (The one on the Asian Night Market) It turned out great! And to think, I’d been stressing about it. Even had newsmares about undershooting it.

So that’s what I look like on the road! Ha! Seriously falling asleep now. And considering San Diego county is burning down, I imagine I’ll be in the throes of fire coverage tomorrow, and better get my sleep.

Until tomorrow…. Later gators!


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