Fill Frame Photo: Week 17

I had to work for this week’s Fill-the-Frame-with-One-Color photo above because hubby called me out on my first attempt. Since I’m smack in the middle of finals (and realized I hadn’t yet done this week’s challenge) I first knocked out the image below of Bondorella’s grill. Did I fill the frame? Yep. Back to homework.

But I’ve made this picture before, and he reminded me of that. He told me to push harder. He was right.

So what to do?

While staring at the beautiful ceiling of our Mercantile, I thought, what can I photograph in an interesting way to fill the frame with one color? Hmmmmm… What to do?

Wait. Rearview mirror stem. Silver. Ceiling. Silver. Actual mirror. Silver. Circle in circle. That’ll work.

Here’s a wider shot to give perspective.

I love this ceiling. And I’ll miss this ceiling. Many of you know we are selling the building, and are currently in escrow, so making this photo of my favorite feature means something. Back when we were installing the ceiling in 2019, I wrote a blog post. If you’re curious to read more, click the link.


Holy cow, next week is an interesting prompt! Check it out:

And now… time to run. The cat is hungry.

Until next week…

Later gators!

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