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So Far in 2015…

Yep. I’m one of those people who hits reset on January 1st. Not that I make hard and fast goals, but I take time to reevaluate where I am.  My writing. My time management. My health. Those are the three that come up every year. How predictable, right?


So what’s up for 2015?

1. No one wants to hear how hard it is to be a writer, but I will say, sitting down to edit a manuscript is tedious. I’m in the process of two at the moment. Working the second draft of the Motor Dolls Prequel, THE GYPSY TOUR, and making some pretty major changes for an agent to THE CALIFORNIA ROAD (formerly California Cotton). I want to publish THE GYPSY TOUR this summer, so that’s priority, but man! Between work, my exercise routine, and cooking everything from scratch, finding time is brutal!

Homemade Banana Date Power Bars

2. Speaking of cooking. I’m a bit of a health nut, partially to avoid migraines, something I’ve suffered with since thirteen. Food additives are a huge factor, so for 2014, I made a goal to make the majority of my food from scratch, we’re talking bread, tortillas, broths… everything. Why? Just look at the ingredients on anything pre-made and you’ll understand. I did a great job sticking to that goal in 2014 and plan to carry on in 2015.


3. Exercise is also a huge part of the migraine prevention equation, but after I injured my shoulder a couple of years ago, my regular gym regimen fell away because there were so many things I could no longer do without reactivating the pain, and since I’m competitive, I had a tough time “modifying.”


2015 has brought the discovery of hiking. During the 100 Happy Days challenge, I figured out how much joy nature brings me, and since I’m surrounded by hike-able hills, I’ve taken to climbing them several times a week. This type of exercise is growing my stamina, strengthening my muscles, and most important, making me smile.

IMG_0230.JPG4. Other miscellaneous things I want to fit in to 2015. Growing some veggies on my patio. Finishing the Yucca Valley house. Get some work done on Miss Bondorella.


One other thing I’d like to do more often is write about my news day, mostly for me. It’s rewarding to look back on the posts when I consecutively blogged about my news day, and read all the amazing things I’ve covered.

That’s enough blathering for now!

To see what’s been happening on the MOTOR DOLLS blog–like a couple of new reviews and some new Featured Motor Dolls–click here!

Until next time…

Later gators!


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