Family: Dogwood Week 8

I’ll hold your hand forever, my best friend, my best love, my hubby.

Of course, you’re not really a hand-holder, so the glove will have to do. I still love you, though.

When exploring ideas for an image to represent family, two thoughts came to mind: Tacos and motorcycles. Since I didn’t want to go with food, the motorcycle theme won: interlaced gloves, kissing helmets, and at the core, the heart, or rather, the red-lit headlight of our ’65 Triumph. Our best adventures usually involve two wheels. Sadly, I didn’t find an organic way to incorporate kitty-boy. Don’t tell him, though. He might eat my face.

While this week’s prompt wasn’t my favorite kind of photo to make, it helps encourage…

Design Thinking

In my Why Design Matters class this week, our focus was on our tools and practices and what we do to expand our design thinking to different levels. Really, that’s why I do challenges like this, to push outside my “usual” in order to broaden design thinking.

While working on the presentation for class, Don Alfonso del Pájaros photobombed my shot, so since he didn’t get a cameo in the family picture, I’ll include him here. He hopped up, struck a pose next to the kitty clock, looked right into the camera, and demanded I make the photo. Such a ham. And yes, I used it in the presentation, because… look how cute he is!

Next Week’s Prompt:

Considering I love all things this music, I’m looking forward to this one. But how to make it different and special? That’s something to ponder.

Until Next Sunday…

Later gators!


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