Every Day is a Happy Day

JULY 31, 2014

Howdy friends! I’ve been quiet since finishing the 100 Happy Days project. I needed a break. Forgive me? Not that I haven’t been writing. This isn’t my only blog. On TOWN-HOME-STEADERS (a blog Brian and I record our adventures in the kitchen and “homesteading”). I’ve written two entries, one on TWO CROWS, a property we’re currently in escrow on in Yucca Valley… …and an entry about making CINNAMON ROLLS from scratch–including ratting out my mom for a silly prank from years ago. On MOTOR PALACE PRESS, you can read about yet another amazing Motor Doll in my FEATURED MOTOR DOLL segment, the fabulous Catherine Long.

Here’s where I’ve really been keeping busy though. Shhhh… I’ll tell you a secret. Ready? I’ve been blogging every day on a private blog, one only I can read. What’s the point of that you ask? Because I’m insane. No. Really. I think I might be. Let me explain. Five days after finishing the 100 Happy Days, I started another 100 Day challenge. Why? Because the Happy Days challenge really changed my perspective on work, so I decided to apply the technique to something just as important as being Happy.

Being Healthy.

Thus, the 100 Healthy Days challenge. A shoulder injury two years ago dramatically shifted my workout routines until they fell away to almost nothing. I couldn’t stomach modifying a workout in a public forum, so I quit my gym. At the request of my physical therapist, I dropped yoga after fifteen years of having the practice part of my regular workouts. I’m not saying I stopped working out completely, but it no longer found its way into my daily routine. Not only did I feel worse, the dreaded middle-aged shape started taking hold, and it terrified me.

My 100 Healthy Day challenge is to do some form of exercise EVERY DAY for 100 Days straight, to minimize eating out, and knock out as much refined sugar as possible, instead eating fruit when I get those sweet cravings. (Yeah, ummm…. ignore that cinnamon roll picture at the beginning of this post. Ahem.)

When it comes to the workouts, I’m not talking two-hour sweat-fests. It could be a ten-minute ab session, or a walk around the block, a bicycle ride, climbing stairs on a lunch break.

Anything that gets my blood pumping and makes exercise a part of my daily vocabulary again.

I’m now 16 days into it and feel AMAZING. I’m not exaggerating. Those who know me, know I suffer chronic migraines. I have not had one in eighteen days. My energy is through the roof. I look forward to the workouts and have been ramping them up. Exercise has once again become a habit. Woo hoo!

I’d share my daily entries and pictures with you, but… this time, I’m going to keep my personal journey mostly to myself. Until next time…

Later gators!

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