Environmental Portrait: Week 14

Deep in his dimly lit lair, the mystical creature studies in the glow of his computer, surrounded by motorcycles, leathers, moto-art, and weird doo-dads and oddities.

Environmental Portrait

For this week’s Environmental Portrait, we venture deep into Brian’s space, where he immerses himself in the world of urban design, historic preservation, and sustainability.

Yes, Brian is also a student, a senior at Cal Poly Humboldt. This is how we spend our days, in our individual spaces surrounded by things we love, doing school. Making the Environment Portrait in this space, on this topic, fits our current life. We both enjoy being students and learning cool stuff. Brian will graduate this fall since he transferred in with around 120 units, enough for a degree. I still have another year. Speaking of…

School Stuff

I hesitate sharing my “art” since I’m a beginner, but I thought this was a cool example of how an illustration advances through the process. In Illustration class, our current project is Narrative Illustration. We had to chose a fable or fairy tale (I chose a Welsh fable called The Crows), and make an illustration. The process starts with drawing fifty thumbnails of a variety of concepts.

From that, one thumbnail is chosen to advance into a rough drawing. Then we make a “tight comp” which should reflect how we want the final to look. Based on feedback, we refine that into the final. It’s pretty cool to see the process laid out like this (although this isn’t the final, final. I have some small refinements to make before turning in tomorrow).

Next Week’s Prompt

Oh my. That should be interesting. Don’t worry, Brian…

And now, we’re going to finish up homework due tomorrow, then head to my parent’s for dinner.

Have a wonderful No-Worries-Easter-Sunday!

Later Gators!

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